Expressive Arts Therapy

​Many people who come to see me do well by talking with me. These clients are usually "verbal" people. They are the ones who enjoy talking, can express themselves through words, and respond when others talk to them.

​You do not have to be a great artist or musician, or poet; you just have to enjoy the process. Many of these activities can be done outside of the counseling sessions and brought in for discussion.

​However, other people who come to see me are more comfortable expressing themselves through "visual, auditory, or kinesthetic" paths. These are the clients who like to make art, or crafts, or play music, or listen to music, write in journals, take pictures, write poetry, make sculptures or arrange flowers. These are the people who can express themselves better through artistic means rather than by talking.

​The point is that each person has a unique way of self-expression. That means of self-expression can be the path that we can use to help you to resolve your grief and move forward in your life.