Nan J. Giblin, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  • Experience:
    ​    30 years as a professor of Counselor Education at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL.                         - Currently Clinical Coordinator of Counselor Education and Professor Emeritus
                  - Chair of the Department of Counselor Education (9 years)
                  - Dean of the College of Education (6 years)
                  - Associate Dean of the College of Education (5 years)
                    Examples of Courses taught:
                                - Grief Counseling
                                - Expressive Art Therapy: Art and Yoga
                                - Introduction to Family Counseling
                                - Techniques of Counseling
                                - Group Counseling
                                - Practicum/Internship in School Counseling and Community Counseling
            20 years in Private Counseling Practice in Grief Counseling and Counselor Supervision

  • Education:
    ​      - Ph.D. Doctorate in Counseling Psychology
          - M.A. Masters in Counselor Education
          - B.S. English Literature

  • Publications:
    ​      - 3 co-authored published textbooks:

    - Chen, M. & Giblin, N. (2002). Individual counseling:
          Skills and techniques. Denver, CO: Love Publishing.
    - Giblin, N. & Bales, B. (1997). Finding help: A resource
          guide for personal concerns. Springfield, IL:
          Charles C. Thomas.
    - Walsh, W. & Giblin, N. (eds.), (1989). Family
         counseling in schooling settings. Springfield, IL:          Charles C. Thomas

  • Professional articles on Grief Counseling (Theory and Practice), Expressive Art Therapies, and​ ​Native American Profiles.

  • Certifications and Awards:
    ​          - 2010 Illinois School Counseling Association Counselor Educator of the Year
              - Open Studio Facilitator
              - MARI Facilitator
             - 21 hours of Graduate Level training in Art Therapy
             - 1985 Professor of the Year at NEIU awarded by Alumni Association
             - 2002 Chair of the Association of Deans of Colleges of Education in Illinois